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Josep Maria Pujol-Baquests & 

Mireia Pujol-Busquets


D.O. Catalunya, D.O. Alella D.O. Cava

Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo)

Certified Organic & No Sulfites Added

Alta Alella

“We constantly want to improve and delve deeper into organic agriculture,

to obtain the purest grapes and wines”

Celler de les Aus is part of the winery Alta Alella.  Starting in 1992, the family winery farmed organically (certified) from inception and is now led by Josep's daughter Mireia Pujol-Busquets  Alta Alella's winemaking practices incorporates understanding and adapting in a sustainable way to the present and future impacts of climate change. For example, the family has a natural seed study and selection practice which discovers the most resistant seeds to mildew and drought.

In the early 2000’s, Josep partnered with a friend to craft a Cava made with no addition of external yeasts, no external sugar, no addition of SO2.  A Natural Cava. This was accomplished by using the must of Pansa Blanca (Xarel-lo) for the second fermentation. At first the wine was called NU.  Many years later, the name changed to Bruant which is the name of a local bird.  All of Celler de les Aus's wines are named after the birds that live in the Serralada de Marina’s Natural Park.


The process of making wine without addition of SO2 was new for Josep.  He began with Pansa Blanca and named the wine Tallarol.  Years later, Celler des les Aus & Alta Alella separated to demonstrate that the wines were made in different locations and did not influence each other.


Today, Josep and Mireia produce a few cavas:  Capsigrany made with a rare varietal Pansa Rosada.  There are only 5ha left of Pansa Rosada in the world.  Merla made with the grape Mataro and a pétillant naturel called “Aus”.

Bruant Reserva Brut Natura Cava (No SO2 added)

Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo)

Tallarol Pansa Blanca DO Alella (No SO2 added)

Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo)
AUS Petillant Naturel.jpg

AUS Petillant Naturel (No SO2 added & Biodynamic)

Pansa Blanca (Xarel·lo)
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