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Total Surface

Soil Type 

Total Production




Bodegas Fulcro

Galicia, Spain

Rías Baixas

Albariño, MencíaAlicante Bouschet, Syrah

Granite, Quartz, Shale

1.1 ha

7000 btls

By hand

Situated in the original and oldest area of Rias Baixas with vine, called Salnes, Bodegas Fulcro is a young winery established in 2009. It is run by a passionate vigneron, Manuel Moldes Morana or like everyone calls him Chicho. Salnes has this particularity of being right in front of the Atlantic Ocean, where the climate is mild throughout the year but can be terribly humid, hence the reason why all vines are planted on a pergola to avoid mildew. Another key factor to the style of the wines is the soil, driven mainly by granite and rocks.


The Bodegas is minuscule at this time, only 1.1ha divided in two single vineyards and the total

production is around 6,000 bottles. Chicho is working on several but boutique projects from Bierzo to introduce red and white cuvees using local varietals. In the vineyard, Manuel uses copper and sulfur and works by hand (no use of pesticides or insecticides). The age of his vines ranges from 25 years to 70 years. In the cellar, the wines go through natural fermentation but does not go through malolactic. Then they are aged in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. Great contrast: ripeness and brigh acidity. Chicho is a a new comer who, thanks to his passion and support from his elders (winemakers), has crafted some of the most interesting wines in the region.

Finca A Pedreira


Fulcro O Equilibrio

Grenache, Syrah
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